We were the bad boys of Santacruz

On another trip, I stayed with a friend near Marine Drive and participated in a South Bombay ritual—an early-morning jog along the broad promenade by the sea. I took in the classic lines of the familiar art deco buildings along the curved bay, unchanged over the years. But across the city, I noticed the peeling … Read more

Home in time for Christmas

Home is wherever we happen to set up the crib at Christmas. For the last 18 years, this has mostly been Shillong, but before that, it was one tea estate after another all across Assam. The ritual, though, remained the same. We’d take them out carefully, those ceramic figurines, and place them on the mantelpiece. … Read more

Playing the Grocery Game and winning it

Walmart’s grocery push is no surprise. For Walmart, groceries are a mainstay in its home country, accounting for over half its net sales there, according to its annual filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The sheer expanse of Walmart’s grocery category includes everything from meat and produce to health aids and pet supplies, a … Read more

Year Two goes to The Funnel

The cult is seemingly everywhere in Bengaluru these days. Nagori says his objective is to have five gyms within an area where the maximum drive time between two points is less than 20 minutes. That’s because he wants most customers to be able to walk to their gyms. An excellent strategy defining the goals This … Read more

Slow and Steady always wins the race

Yadav trained as a dialysis technician at Aligarh Muslim University, one of about 75 institutes in the country which offer specialized practical training in dialysis. Based on her experiences, she claims that the protocols at NephroPlus are the most stringent she has encountered. “I have seen zip kits (individual kits of consumables like cotton) for … Read more

A problem awakening from the plenty

Unsurprisingly, CEOs of hospitals had a litany of concerns. They complained about delays in payment in government health schemes like the Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS). But more worrying to them were the rates for treatment quoted under Ayushman Bharat. These were lower than even state health schemes. Listed Hospital Chains A senior executive of … Read more